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Why should I use your service?

The beauty of my personal service is you have a trustworthy and experienced artist that you can depend on and keep in contact with leading up to and after your special day. I arrive at your chosen venue at the time agreed and complete your makeovers with the utmost care in total comfort and convenience to you. Why leave the house or hotel and risk the elements ruining your style when I can come to you?

Can I book in advance?

Yes. The same procedure on the 'How to book' page applies for bookings a year or so in advance.

Can I book with only a little notice?

Yes. As long as the date is free I can fast track your trial. This is especially useful if you have been let down by another artist.

Do you travel?

Yes. I do however, only normally travel up to 1 hours drive away from Windsor. The first 10 miles is free of charge. Contact me if your venue is further away for a price.

Do you have premises?

No. The service is totally mobile.

Do you have a portfolio?

Yes. In addition to the styles on the Hair Portfolio page and examples of my work on the Makeup Gallery page, I have an extensive portfolio and also hair publications for you to view and get ideas from.

Can you explain the minimum fee in more detail?

Your wedding day booking will have a minimum fee of £200.00. The average bride for both hair and make-up on the wedding day is about £115.00. That leaves you £85.00 towards any other makeovers amongst the bridal party i.e. bridesmaids hair, Mother of brides makeup etc. on the wedding day only. If it is only the bride's hair and or make-up that are required then it will be £200.00 as the minimum fee.

The minimum fee does not include the trials or travel to church fees or non returnable items.

When do I have a trial?

About 8/12 weeks before the wedding. You can have one sooner or later than that but that is the usual. Wait until closer the time if you are growing your hair.

How long do trials take?

The trial for a bride's hair and make-up is about 2 hours long. It will be longer if you want trials for the bridesmaids etc.

Is a trial recommended?

Yes. For the bride it is. Some brides don't have one. It is totally up to you if you want your bridesmaids etc to have a trial to see the total look.

Can I have at trial without booking my wedding date?

Yes but until you complete and return the forms I cannot hold your date open for you. This means you may end up losing your date to another bride.

Can I have a consultation without a trial or booking?

Due to heavy workloads I cannot undertake separate consultations to the trial other than speaking on the phone. If at the trial (we have the initial consultation before commencing), you decide not have your trial then only any travel costs will be payable. The booking can then be cancelled also.

Are there a maximum number of makeovers that you can do on the wedding morning?

About five main makeovers for hair and makeup are possible. With possibly some flower girls. If the wedding is 12 noon then either an early start of more simple hair designs may be required. This can be discussed fully at the trial.

I only want my hair done as I want to do my own makeup. Is this possible?

Yes. The minimum fee of £200.00 will still apply.

How do I book?

Full details are on the How to book page. It would be great to hear from you!



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