What Style
Suits Me?

Most brides know exactly what they want and once they have the trial are ecstatic with their choice. Some brides however don't have a clue on what they want either as a style or what to put in their hair or what suits them best. This page is here to help guide any bride to decide before any trials what styles will suit them. This may go totally against the original style idea … don't worry… at the end of the day it's what you want that counts and that is the ultimate aim for me too.

Mandy Driver - Big Day Hair & Makeup




What's your face shape?

Take a look in the mirror with your hair scraped back. See what best describes you below.

Face Shapes Wedding


Oval - Evenly proportioned, tapering from the chin to a slightly wider forehead.

Round - Quite a short face with full wide cheeks.

Rectangular - Narrow in comparison to length and have deep foreheads and quite angular jaw lines.



What style is for me?

Oval - This shape suits many styles. If you have delicate features you may want to keep the hair away from the face to avoid swamping it. Also simple styles suit a petite face - big hair can over power it.

Round - To flatter roundness you will need some height at the top but also some softness and length by keeping some hair down at the sides at shoulder length. This creates balance. A higher tiara also gives the illusion of height. A few wispy strands falling onto and around the face gives the illusion of a slimmer face. This also helps to diminish a large forehead.

Rectangular - You don't really want too much height at the top as this makes the face look longer. Volume at the sides balances the face with loose stands to soften further. A fringe also helps add balance to this face shape. If you have tiara keep it low on your hairline.



Other considerations

Being tall - You may not want to look higher if the groom is the same height as you or shorter. You may also want to add some volume to the sides to balance the extra height.

Being short - If you are shorter you may want to add inches by your hair and tiara. Hair type - I can create holding styles what ever the hair type but you may, for piece of mind, prefer a style for its durability rather than its suitability to your face shape.

Groom/partners preference - Lots of brides go for styles their partners like on them. Try and get some clues from them to help you decide.